Monday, March 13, 2006

Plain vs Print

"Plain vs Print" - a classic topic for fashion designers. In the past, people perceived "plain" to be more mature and "print" to be younger in image. Therefore, many of the girls around are going through a process of from plain to print. When girls are young, they tend to dress in more plain fashion with simple and casual design. Maybe this is the way that they cound be more mature in looking and they can show up with their young spirit even dressed in the plain way. However, when they are getting more mature, they tend to go for more prints in fashion especially floral patterns to generate a younger outlook. Many of the ladies may not have noticed this kind of evolution but I have observed many girls around to go through this process. Maybe this is a kind of psychological change from aging effect. However, in my opinion, "print" fashion will be more suitable for young girls for which clothes with prints can bring out the young spirit from internal. Among various print patterns, my favourite is floral prints which represent the spring - a season for all beings to start growth. Fabric such as chiffon and lace are the best matching wth the colorful floral prints. This is what the fashion designer brought about for this Spring. Don't waste your valuable young ages! Dress in prints, girls!