Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fashion Trend - Autumn and Winter 2006 (Go Checkers)

Checkers have been a classic pattern in fashion design. The best to present and being recognized is Burberry. It becomes so popular that it also launched another line - the Blue Label in Japan with a main tone of dark blue and black checkers. Many Japanese girls have gone crazy with this brand design. Nowadays, the checkers design in fashion has grown to a large varieties such as small or big checkers, checkers in horizonal or tilted arrangements and checkers in various color tones. In general, checkers give an impression of formal and classic. This year, the checkers have been back from various brands such as Balenciaga, Sportmax, Dsquared2 and Bottega Veneta etc. However, the checkers do not go small but bigger ones just like the classic tartan. To be more clear, the brown color tartan will be the most up to trend design in this A/W no matter it is used in skirts, dresses or jackets. But please remember, fashion trend is just a trend and you need to bear in mind your own body shapes. Large checkers dressing will be more presentable in larger size bodies. Good Luck!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fashion Trend - Autumn and Winter 2006 (Ladies and Gentlemen)

One of the trends for this Autumn and Winter 2006 is Ladies and Gentlemen which means you can dress in a more "man" outlook even though you are a lady. Those typical man's looks are shirts and trousers combinations, "Tuxedo" dressing, tough women dressing in the 80's or milliary look. Please remember this trend is rather different from last year's trend of boy's look. Last year the trend is rather boyish with some boy's typical dressing of boy's jacket, boy's school uniform etc. However, in this year, the trend is built around ladies and gentlemen and the look should be more mature and man. Anyway, this does not mean that you can simply dress in your husband or father's suit. More ladies elements should be added to give a softer and female impression. A ladies hair style, ladies boot or ladies shawl wrapping around can be an excellant matching with the "Ladies and Gentlemen" topics of this year. Such dressing is also very suitable for office ladies which shows the soft and hard sides of modern female executives.