Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fashion Trend - Fall and Winter 2009 (Black Always)

Whenever we ask what the favorite color of fashion is for Fall & Winter, the answer is always black. Some people may not admit this fact and state different colors that may replace black as the dressing color. However, when you pick your clothes from your closet in the "cold" time, you may have taken a black one in your hand unconsciously. As such, in strick speaking, we should not treat BLACK as a fashion trend as it is always a favorite for Fall & Winter. Black represents "cold and mysterious" which is a perfect match of the mood of Fall & Winter. Dressing in black, you can easily catch up with the fashion trend in every Fall & Winter. Though black is a must color, fashion designers have used their imagination and creativity to create black fashion in different materials, different styles and different cuttings. Black color is all along the runway of brands like Chanel, Fendi, Calvin Klein and Lanvin etc this year.