Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ways to Dress in Russian Styles

We have talked a lot about the fashion trend going for Russian styles this fall. However, how to dress in the Russian styles would be more interesting. As the Russian styles involve the mix of different elements, we would like to suggest some for reference here:

1. Russia is a country consists of many different nations. Many of them are closely related to agriculture and nature. Therefore, their clothing designs consist of folkloric elements such as simple flower patterns. But these decorations should not be to fancy.

2. Extremely cold weather has driven the Russian styles to be furry like. Fur jackets, fur shawls and even little fur decorations over bags and hats are popular in every fashion show.

3. Years of instability in the Russian history has made Russian women stronger and these have been reflected in their ways of dressing. Military like styles such as Napoleon collar and shoulder strap mounted on long jackets give a solid feel out of feminine.

4. The arts of royal embroidery, brocade and beads attachement have been developed rapidly in Russia history accompanied by the extreme status of Russian Imperial. How can we missing them when dressing like a Russian.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Trendy Style - Victorian

The word "Victorian" may have climbed on the top 10 search key terms for fashion in Fall 2005. Apart from the revival of "Russian Styles" from their gorgeous ages, "Victorian Styles" are also back from their times through the hands of fashion designers this Fall. The typical promoter brands should be Rochas and YSL. Their designs are all filled with Victorian elements such as turtlenecks, lace and ruffles. Beautiful and grand outlooks were brought to us by two marvelous and great Queens from Great Britain. One of them powered its kindom and showed its strength to the world and the other empowered the dressing styles of women's clothing. People at the time focused on creating the best fabric and producing the best fashion for ladies. Though the styles are rather conservative to enclose most parts of the body, the clothing is really a classic and unforgetable masterpiece in fashion industry. Nowaday, Victorian clothing is one of the most valuable to collect and we believe every lady dressing in Victorian style clothing would be delighted with their attractive outlook. Up to now, we really feel that we need to know more about the European history in order to fill up the contents of those classic designs brought to us by respected fashion designers.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Russian Dressing from "Anna Karenina"?

In our blog about fashion trends in Fall 2005, we talked about "Russian Dressing" will be one of the key trend. Just read an essay from Cosmopolitan suggesting that this Russian Dressing trend may be originated from Oprah Winfrey who recommended the famous Russian novel "Anna Karenina" last year and generated an enormous impact to the western society. The book sold nearly 1 million copies in a single week. Such Russian enthusiasm may have influenced fashion designers in their 2005 design to incorporate the classic Russian elements in their lastest design. To us, it is not surprising that classic Russian styles come to the trend as we believe fashion is also a cyclic industry just like economy. Trendy elements repeat themselves after certain years. For example, after years of vivid color design, fashion designers go back to the basic black and white and maybe after some years, vivid color design will be back again. As Russia actually has a great influence in western culture and played a key role in some moments of European history, people adopted Russian fashion into the modern design would not be surprising especially the Russian styles are broadly thought to be gorgeous, elegant and high class with some royal feelings. So maybe we need to thank Anna Karenina bringing us back to the enclosure of Russian royal pieces.
By the way, do you really know what Russian styles are?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Our Own Design Fashion

These few days have been the exciting and also busy moments for us. After accumulating years of experiences in the fashion industry, we are setting up our own fashion design in the coming winter. The first design will be a faux fur shawl with two sided usage. It will be a combination of Western and Chinese design styles. The idea of setting up our own design is to further differentiate from our online competitors and build up a brand loyalty to our own products. However, design our own fashion is quite a different job from our past work. First of all, a simple market research will be much helpful. We need to find out the best selling items in the past winter and mix the ideas of latest fashion trend. After selecting the correct product and come up with a satistied design, we have to source the right materials for production. Then it should be the sample production and modification before we can mass produce our own design products. Now, we have completed most of the processes and the first product ie our CM Style Design Faux Fur Shawl is expected to come to the market in the middle of October. Hope we can catch up with the schedule and have great success from our first design products!

Remarks :
Will post the new product photo in this blog when launching. Please give us some comments on it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lace - An All Time Favorite

"Lace" has been an all time favorite for many ladies in their dressing style selections. The "Lace" element can enhance the feminine effects of a well designed fashion and this element has been frequently used by fashion designers around the world. In the past, "Lace" has been interpreted to give a more mature and elegant image for women and mainly used in the design of fashion for mature ladies. However, nowadays, "Lace" design is going in a more casual direction. Lace shirt from Chloe and the latest lace dress from Miu Miu all go for a younger and casual idea. They are welcomed by young ladies around the world and become their favorite fashion in their daily life. We also love the lace design and maintain a certain portion of our stock with beautiful lace design.
Another good news is that we have generated a feed for our fashion blog in rss. You may generate an automatic update of this fashion blog by pressing the buttons at the right of this blog to add this blog into your My Yahoo and My MSN. For the others you may add the atom or rss feed into your news reader by getting the link from XML and RSS button. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ladies Watch Goes for More Feminine Design

"The world of watches is so huge." This is my first impression after attending an internation watch and clock trade fair. Within the fair, the latest design trend of watches have been clearly reflected. For a long time, watches have been serving the function of time indication for human daily life. In the modern world, you may find time indications everywhere such as palm, mobile phones and car etc and the need of watches should be shrinked as a result. However, people still wearing watches on their wrist. This can be a typical MBA case study. The functions of watch have gone far beyond time indications. It is a kind of decoration. It is a kind of social status. It is a kind of personal image. It is .. it is.. etc. With these expanded functions, watches still serve to be a necessity for human life. It's really amazing.
With the addition of functionalities, it can be easily observed from the fair that besides some well established brands, the majority of ladies watches adopts a more feminine design approach with crystals, colorful leather bands and mother of pearl watch faces. Exaggerated numeral marks with fancy colors also presents a trendy effect. Furthermore, dual time zone seems to be with growing needs as the world is going more and more united. A well designed watch can be a part of fashion.