Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Trendy Style - Victorian

The word "Victorian" may have climbed on the top 10 search key terms for fashion in Fall 2005. Apart from the revival of "Russian Styles" from their gorgeous ages, "Victorian Styles" are also back from their times through the hands of fashion designers this Fall. The typical promoter brands should be Rochas and YSL. Their designs are all filled with Victorian elements such as turtlenecks, lace and ruffles. Beautiful and grand outlooks were brought to us by two marvelous and great Queens from Great Britain. One of them powered its kindom and showed its strength to the world and the other empowered the dressing styles of women's clothing. People at the time focused on creating the best fabric and producing the best fashion for ladies. Though the styles are rather conservative to enclose most parts of the body, the clothing is really a classic and unforgetable masterpiece in fashion industry. Nowaday, Victorian clothing is one of the most valuable to collect and we believe every lady dressing in Victorian style clothing would be delighted with their attractive outlook. Up to now, we really feel that we need to know more about the European history in order to fill up the contents of those classic designs brought to us by respected fashion designers.

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