Friday, October 07, 2011

Sizing Issues of Buying Clothes Online

Sizing is one of the difficulties for buying fashion clothes online. As different countries adopt different sizing system for their people, it is very difficult to communicate effectively in sizing. The LARGE size in asian countries may be equivalent to the MEDIUM or SMALL size in western countries. Even the sizes stated by different brands may also vary a bit due to different designs, manufacturing requirements and vanity sizing.

Vanity sizing has been one of the major sizing problems for women buying clothes online. According to Wikipedia, vanity sizing, also known as size inflation is used to refer to the phenomenon of ready-to-wear clothing of the same nominal size becoming larger over time. The purpose of clothing manufacturers in creating vanity sizing is commonly thought to satisfy buyers' wishes to appear thin and feel better about themselves. A survey by Which? has revealed that around 90% of women find the unpredictability caused by vanity sizing annoying especially when buying clothes online becoming part of our life.

To cope with this issue, we have developed our own measuring system by measuring the actual lying flat measurements of various parts of clothes and stated these information clearly with illustrations in our clothes listings. By comparing the measurements stated with their own well fitted clothes, customers can clearly know whether the clothes will fit them or not. This method has been proved to be effective for most of the time but there are still some discrepencies happened on and off as some customers may not have actually done the comparisons.

Sometimes, some common senses can also help a lot in finding the right size clothes for you by finding out the following information :

1. Is the design is loosely fit? Loose fit design will have a wider range of fitting. Your own idea of fitting also matters. You want to dress it in tightly fit or loosely fit?

2. Is the fabric stretchy? Same design can fit more people with stretchy fabric.

3. If the clothes is presented on a mannequin, ask the seller what size is the mannequin such that you will have a better idea.

After all, a unified sizing system will be very useful and helpful for the developement of garment industry selling online. To make this happen, the governments of different countries should work more closely to tackle the trading barrier problems between countries such that people all around the world can enjoy the best design and fitted clothes.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Fashion Trends - Fall & Winter 2011

At the end of this hot hot summer, we need to start to look and plan for our new looks for this F/W 2011. How will the fashion trends go this time? What hints have the fashion designers provided to us to dress up ourselves? You must be very excited in finding the details. Below are some of the fashion trends this F/W for your reference :

1. Polka Dots

What? Some may think I must have made a mistake in typing this term. In the memories, this patterns belongs to the 80's and even older. However, I am serious in raising this fashion trends. This year the dots are presented in different ways and textures besides simple prints. Embroidery, sequin discs are adopted by Stella McCartney. Dots on lace fabrics in collections of Gucci, l.a.m.b, Malandrino and Salvatore Ferragamo. Dots with different sizes for Yohji Yamamoto, Lyn Devon and Azzaro. Even more, Marc Jacobs introduces a full set of polka dots design from hats, tops, dresses, skirts to hosiery in order to completely capture this trend,

2. High Class Fetish

Black leather, synthetic rubber, plastics, see-through fabrics and metal clips are common elements of Fetish fashion. This type of fashion is understood to be clothing that is not worn as the usual wardrobe of people, and is instead worn to create a particular reaction. However, fashion designers try to reform the tradition and create a Fetish fashion trend by mixing it with high class elements eg fur x fetish by Louis Vuitton, 3D cutting x fetish by Loewe and classic SM design by Alexander McQueen. Therefore this trend should be called High Class Fetish to differentiate with the traditional Fetish.

3. Gentlemen Look

In the modern world, this trend has always been hidden in the fashion designs of many famous fashion designers. Women like to be as powerful as men is the main theme behind this trend. Dress in a more masculine way also provides more varieties in fashion styles. One of the major appearance is the Tux look. Generally a shirt or a lace blouse inside with tuxedo outside in black or white colors is a great look to capture this trend. Another sexy way is a tuxedo outside with nothing underneath. Want more ideas? You may take a look at how Kirsten Dunst suited up for the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards. The 29-year-old actress wore a Patrik Ervell tux and shirt with Prada shoes. She accessorized with a ring and white gold and diamond bracelets from Bulgari. Meanwhile, British designer Phoebe Philo, who is the creative director for Celine also dressed in a Tux when attending the same ceremony.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Color of Clothing - A Way to Change Your Fortune

Maybe you are not so lucky recently. Maybe you feel that everything is going against you. Have you thought of selecting the right colors of your clothing to change your fortune? In traditional Chinese Fortune Telling, color is a way to affect your luck and fortune of your life. One of the popular system is the Flying Star System. In this system, 1 to 9 numbers are assigned to everything which in turn matching with the five elements to create an interacting effect. The nine numbers representing :

1 : white water

2 : black earth

3 : green wood

4 : green wood

5 : yellow earth

6 : white metal

7 : red metal

8 : white earth

9 : purple fire

Year of Birth for Women and matching Flying Star Numbers :

1960 : 2 ; 1961 : 3 ; 1962 : 4 ; 1963 : 5 ; 1964 : 6 ; 1965 : 7 ; 1966 : 8 ; 1967 : 9 ; 1968 : 1 ; 1969 : 2 ; 1970 : 3 ; 1971 : 4 ; 1972 : 5 ; 1973 : 6 ; 1974 : 7 ; 1975 : 8 ; 1976 : 9 ; 1977 : 1 ; 1978 : 2 ; 1979 : 3 ; 1980 : 4 ; 1981 : 5 ; 1982 : 6 ; 1983 : 7 ; 1984 : 8 ; 1985 : 9 ; 1986 : 1 ; 1987 : 2 ; 1988 : 3 ; 1989 : 4 ; 1990 : 5

From the above patterns, you can easily derive the Flying Star Number of your birth year. With this number and the knowledge of five elements, you can easily find the color which will promote your fortune. For example, if your flying star number is 8, your life element is earth so you can wear clothing with the color of fire such as red, orange or purple (fire promotes earth in five elements). Hope the above information can help to create a better lucky life for you.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Outfit Ideas: Bow Details

Has ever bow detail be out in the fashion trend? Bows appear on prom dresses, formal shirts and also on casual tees, and could never look out of the places.

I love bow detailed fashion items. Be it blouses, jewelry, shoes, belts and other accessories, bows add a bit feminine flair to any outfits. Moreover, bows resemble butterflies which are a luck symbol. (Butterflies evolve from caterpillars and hence a symbol of rebirth and advancement; the pronunciation of Butterflies in Chinese conveys the meaning of multiply)

It’s easy to incorporate bows into your wardrobe:
- Replace your white shirt with a silky bow blouse. It’s classy and elegant, recreating that 70s feel which is so charming and trendy.
- Get a bow printed shirt, or a top with the bow woven into it. They make the bow part of their structure.
- Opt for sequined embellishment in a large bow pattern, it’s a interesting, bold statement
- Bow piece embellishments on tunics are fun, eye-catching and just right.

There's just not many ways to get bows wrong; whether an oversized feature or simple ribbon, a bow can add a nice touch to outfits this season.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Up and Coming Outfit Idea for Spring: Layering

A good idea to stretch your wardrobe, go through the ever-changing weather of spring and to show off your unique sense of style. - Scarves are great items to create layering looks. Try wearing two light scarves to be warmer and funkier.

- Summer tops or slipdresses under cardigans, deep V-neck sweaters, or over a girly blouse. You can easily transform your favorite summer items by putting it over a tee or try a tube top underneath in a contrasting color.

- Try patterns / prints under solid layers, or vice versa.

- Lightweight tunics over jeans, a look you can get year-round.

- Try mix fabrics like sequined shrugs over t-shirts, denim over satin, lace over beaded/ prints for a more fashion-forward look.

- Add a blazer to any layering combinations for more important occasions.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Trends - Spring and Summer 2011

1. Animal Kingdom

Traditionally animal prints belong to winters. Among the most popular are leopard prints and tiger prints which are presented together with fur to create a warm and wild feeling. However, the animal prints extend to S/S collection this year. Beside the traditional prints, more animal patterns are added to create a genuine animal kingdom eg swan in Miu Miu collections and sheer butterfly for Sportmax. To make this trend more noticeable, Louis Vuitton even filled their fashion show with tiger decorations to harmonize their tiger prints designs.

2. Ethnic Designs

Ethnic elements are always popular in fashion designs no matter it's for S/S or F/W. Every year, fashion designers have picked out different ethnic elements from different nations to enrich their designs eg millitary look from Russia, kimono style from Japan, hippie style from Gypsy etc. This year, the focus is on China. Chinese traditional prints and fashion styles are widely adopted in the fashion design of various brands eg. Louis Vuitton has designed their collection showing Chinese Cheong Sam styles and Chinese fashion elements.

3. Acid Color

Harmony of colors or Clashes of colors is always a dilemma for women in choose their clothing set. More people will prefer a harmony of colors as it goes more natural in outlooks. However, this year, the dressing concept may be challenged by some leading fashion designers. The color schemes chosen by designers are in a more energetic and raw way eg teal and electric blue from Haider Ackermann and shiny yellow from Moschino. Clashes of colors are common on the runway eg Blue vs Orange and Purple vs Green (Jil Sander), Purple vs Orange (Gucci, YSL), Orange vs Green (Loewe). Eye catching is the way of choosing colors for this trend.

4. Clean Cut

Minimalism never dies. Less is more. Less design in clothing means more attention to the natural body. Clean cut design is a better way to outline the natural curve and shape of women. Modern fashion designers tend to over-design with the intention of showing how gifted they are. However, to design with less design elements is more challenging. Only a few masters in fashion can do beautiful clean cuts without losing aesthetics. Leading this trend are brands like Max Mara, Celine, Chloe etc.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hooded Style, The Unique Style

Hoods are used to be incorporated into jackets and coats for comfort or protection against chills and rains. Wearing hoodie sweatshirt underneath leather jacket is something punk rockers had already been doing for ages. However, recent trends have incorporated hoods into everyday fashion from sweaters to shirts to casual blouses and even cocktail dresses.

Adding hoods to your outfits is a simple trick to jazz up your wardrobe. The hooded style gives a basic blouse that urban street wear look which enhances your uniqueness. Details like fur or lace trimmings could further express that casual chic that is loved by all, adding a spunky attitude into your character giving it a more fun and unique look. Hooded style is so versatile that it can be casual and dressy, and anyone can really look good in.