Friday, October 28, 2005

General Features of Chinese Style Clothes

The modern Chinese style clothes are mostly originated from the ancient Chinese royal clothing as the royal clothing is considered as the best for the time being. The general features of these clothing are listed as below :
1. Fabric
In the past, the high class clothes were mostly manufactured from silk or silk blend fabric. General cotton fabric was only used by ordinary people. Therefore, the silky material would be considered as good Chinese clothing and most of the modern Chinese style clothes adopt them as major selection.
2. Embroidery
Chinese people like the idea of lucky. The images on clothing should be lucky symbols such as dragon (for men), phoenix (for women), flowers or some other Chinese lucky symbols. These images would be embroided on fabric with traditional skills. The major color of threads used would be golden, yellow or red.
3. Color
The generally prefered color is yellow and red color series. Yellow was the royal color in the past which represents superior and power. Red is the general lucky color for Chinese poeple. Therefore these colors are more preferable for Chinese style clothes. However, in modern design, the most favourite color nowadays ie black is also a popular selection by Chinese style fashion designers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cultural Background of Oriental Style Fashion (Con't)

In the previous blog, we talked about the background of ancient Chinese style clothes. These kinds of style of Chinese clothes have been lasted for a long time over the Chinese history with minor modifications in fabric and styles. The general idea was just to make them more elegant but not revolutionizing the dressing styles. However, after the invasion and rule of Manchu from the northern part of China ie the Qing Dynasty (1644~1911), the Chinese style clothes has been changed a lot due to the mixture of different cultures. Manchu was established in the northern grassland of China and the ladies have been grown to be stronger and took up some of the responsibilities of men such as herding sheep and cows. Their dressing styles are more casual and open. The mixture of two kinds of dressing styles during the rule of Manchu over China then laid the foundation of the modern well known Chinese dressing : cheongsam / close-fitting woman's gown.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cultural Background of Oriental Style Fashion

After discussing the western style clothes for several times, we would like to shift our focus to oriental style clothes. There are two countries which have strong impacts on oriental culture in the history of Asia. One is India and the other is China. From the clothes point of view, it seems that the influence of China is more important than India as India has more influence on the religious side. The countries around China eg Korea and Japan have a very similiar culture as China and their clothing styles in the ancient times are very similiar to the Chinese styles. For the long time, the Chinese people live in a very conservative environment and the ladies dress in clothes with fabric wrapping around most of the body. Even the elbows should not be exposed. This style may be originated from the general concept that women should stay at home and handle the family issues while men should go out to gain a living and fight for their country. Therefore, women should learn more cultural knowledge such as music and drawing to entertain their husbands instead of their body shapes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fashion for Work

For modern ladies, much of the time is spent in the office and this is a place where they need to show their best in order to get the best out of work. Therefore, fashion for work is really an important topic in women's dressing nowadays. The way of dressing is not only affecting the image from other people's eyes but also a kind of feel up for own confidence and comfort. This year, fashion for work goes back for the classic "HLINE". The "HLINE" style is originated from the giant in fashion - Christian Dior in Fall 1954. The "HLINE" design no longer goes for the direction of emphasizing the curve of ladies' chest and bottom but replacing them with simple straight line cutting. Such change enables women to have a dressing with comfort and free them from sexy tightness. This kind of style is back in this Fall and the most favourite color should be black and white. Have a try for such dressing which may make you the center of attention in the office!

p.s. Our own design shawl is selling quite well and thanks for the ladies who have a similar fashion favourites as us. Hope you will draw every attentions in your precious occassions with our shawl.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Fashion - A Dreaming Industry to Work In?

In the past, fashion seemed to be a very beautiful and easy industry to us as we saw famous fashion designers working with beautiful models in fashion shows and highly respected by movie stars and ladies around. After each show, they were all warmly greeted by their audience. Everyday, fashion designers can work creatively to design whole new clothes to lead the trend and working in the industry seems to be riding on the latest trend. What a wonderful thing! When thinking of starting a new business, most of the girls will select fashion as their top choices. It may be the common dream of many girls. However, after working in the industry for a while, we have tasted the bitterness of it. For example, creating a popular and trendy design fashion is not easy and there are many factors laid behind to the success. From selection of fabric and materials, creating the right design, managing stocks and production to final marketing and sales, all require high level of professionalism, market senses and the ambition to success. We are now more respected to those successful giants in the fashion industry such as LVMH and GAP etc. Creating a successful brand in the fashion industry is really not easy! But whatever the hard work we need, fashion is still our dreaming industry as we are working to make people dress more beautifully!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Faux Fur Shawl - A New Design from CM Style Boutique

In our previous blog, we have mentioned that we were developing a new design faux fur shawl. The design objective of the shawl is to provide a gorgeous design outwear that can be worn in different precious occassions. We have come up with a design that both side can be used. One side is pure color faux fur and the other side is a silk blend fabric with traditional oriental flower patterns. A traditional pattern design fabric clip has been mounted on the flower pattern side for a matching of oriental tone. The shawl comes with the three most poplular colors this year ie Black, White and Burgundy. It is our first brand new design and should be a good matching with any lastest design inner wears to give an elegant outlook for any ladies. These shawls will be available in eBay store ( Please take a look at the burgundy shawl in the attached photos.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Velvet - The Element of High Class Fashion

One of the most poplular fabric this Fall should be velvet. Velvet has been widely used for a long time by the noble class in Europe and it has been treated as one of the basic elements of high class and noble fashion. Its soft texture, elegant outlook and wide range of applications also made it the essential choice of modern fashion designers. Of course, a mix and match with other materials such as lace, silk, beads and sequins would be the trend for recent years. A well matched velvet top will surely well present the feminine and elegant character of a lady in her precious moments.
Here, we would like to provide 3 tips in maintaining velvet garments :
1. Velvet garments should be hanged in the closet instead of packed to avoid uneven surface of velvet.
2.Wash with gentle alkaline detergent by lightly pressing into the water. Drip dry and avoid direct sunlight.
3. Avoid direct iron. Using steam iron at a distance of 2~3cm will give an excellent effect.