Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fashion Trends - Spring & Summer 2010

Spring & Summer starts a whole new fashion year and give us new hopes and new looks. Let's take a look at the highlights of this S&S fashion trends :

1. Less is More

This is not the revival of mannish minimalism of the 90's. More feminine cutting has been adopted to make the styles clean and fresh. Cutouts and thigh-high slits enable more fresh air for your skins.

2. See-through

It's not surprising See-through is a trend for Spring and Summer. In this S&S, more innovative materials have been adopted besides the common chiffon or lace. Prada uses crystals for dress while Anteprima uses wirebag material for miniskirt. With this see-through trend, lingerie becomes an important fashion element for mix and match.

3. Patterns

Patterns give new ideas to a simple design. To go with the Less is More, fashion designers adopt different patterns on fabric for an eye-catching effect. Besides the traditional floral prints, Duro Olowu's tribal motifs and Givenchy's digital designs and many other patterns in other brands has raised the call for this Patterns fashion trend.