Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Outfit Ideas: Bow Details

Has ever bow detail be out in the fashion trend? Bows appear on prom dresses, formal shirts and also on casual tees, and could never look out of the places.

I love bow detailed fashion items. Be it blouses, jewelry, shoes, belts and other accessories, bows add a bit feminine flair to any outfits. Moreover, bows resemble butterflies which are a luck symbol. (Butterflies evolve from caterpillars and hence a symbol of rebirth and advancement; the pronunciation of Butterflies in Chinese conveys the meaning of multiply)

It’s easy to incorporate bows into your wardrobe:
- Replace your white shirt with a silky bow blouse. It’s classy and elegant, recreating that 70s feel which is so charming and trendy.
- Get a bow printed shirt, or a top with the bow woven into it. They make the bow part of their structure.
- Opt for sequined embellishment in a large bow pattern, it’s a interesting, bold statement
- Bow piece embellishments on tunics are fun, eye-catching and just right.

There's just not many ways to get bows wrong; whether an oversized feature or simple ribbon, a bow can add a nice touch to outfits this season.