Friday, July 02, 2010

An Evergreen Clothing Accessory – A Shrug / Bolero

One excellent investment piece of clothing is a shrug. A shrug is cropped, open fronted (with long or short sleeves) and adds a unique dimension to any outfit, whether it is a tee shirt, tube top, corset, gown or any sleeveless or strappy outfits.

Shrugs are generally knitted like cardigans but can be made with cotton, silk, lace, satin, velvet, making it suitable for any seasons. Sequined versions would add extra sparkle to a boring outfit, while crochet versions offer a pretty layered look for casual day wear.

Shrugs are quite functional – they could keep off the chill while covering up bare skin and drawing attention away from problem areas, like heavy arms. Other than easy matching, shrugs are also easy to wear. One does not need to have a particular figure to wear shrugs. While covering the extra flab of the arms, they are open in the front and allow one to show off great jewelry, establishing sophisticated and polished looks.

A smart and timeless addition to any well-rounded wardrobe, a shrug presents a chic alternative to basic cardigans and jackets.