Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2009 (Shiny and See-Through)

No need to say, both shiny and see-through are the most effective fashion elements in attracting eyeballs. In this spring and summer, you won't make yourself look odd to dress with shiny and see-through because they are one of the fashion trends.


Metallic colors, sequins, beads and shiny stones are the common elements for shiny. Fashion designers mix-and-matches them to create different charming effects. Prada, Chloe and YSL are the fashion brands leading this fashion trends.


To me, see-through is a better presentation of sexy than deep V, short pants or simply bra top as it gives more space for imaginations and goes in between sexy and conservative. Moshcino, Fendi and Celine all launch different styles of see-through collections this year. Besides fashion effect, the light material for see-through such as chiffon also gives you another advantage for S/S ie COOL!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Worthwhile Investment – Scarves to Play Up Your Style

Small square ones, long thin ones, large shawls, bandanna, silk, chiffon, lace, cotton, wool, pashima, knitted, crochet, floral, tartan, plaid, embroidered, beaded, sequined, patched… the list could go on and on. Expensive or bargain, scarves make great difference to outfits. They create layering effects, they give the wearer an ethereal aura, or sometimes an artistic touch. They give a chic and dressy feel to an otherwise too boring outfit. And the choices of scarves are so wide that you would be able to choose one to fit for different occasions and attires. Formal and business, evening, clubbing, yachting, outing, traveling, dating…and most important, it has a practical function to keep you warm, when it gets too windy or when the air conditioning is a bit low, not to mention its versatile way of dressing, as a halter top, headband, sarong or wrap skirt.

I heart scarves. I usually buy a scarf once it attracts my attention. If I don’t take immediate action, chances are I can’t find it again anywhere. What’s more, buying a lovely scarf is one of the many ways to make myself happy.