Saturday, April 02, 2011

Up and Coming Outfit Idea for Spring: Layering

A good idea to stretch your wardrobe, go through the ever-changing weather of spring and to show off your unique sense of style. - Scarves are great items to create layering looks. Try wearing two light scarves to be warmer and funkier.

- Summer tops or slipdresses under cardigans, deep V-neck sweaters, or over a girly blouse. You can easily transform your favorite summer items by putting it over a tee or try a tube top underneath in a contrasting color.

- Try patterns / prints under solid layers, or vice versa.

- Lightweight tunics over jeans, a look you can get year-round.

- Try mix fabrics like sequined shrugs over t-shirts, denim over satin, lace over beaded/ prints for a more fashion-forward look.

- Add a blazer to any layering combinations for more important occasions.