Monday, December 06, 2010

Enjoy the Fur Trend without Harming Animals

Luxurious and glamorous, yet warm and practical, no wonder the fur looks go strong in this winter. To enjoy the trend, opt for faux fur items. Not only that they come in jackets, vests, wraps, hats, bags that are fun but they also save lives and cash!

There are so many chic faux fur options at affordable prices. Wild animal patterns, fun patterns, bold or pastel colors, embroidered and sequined…they are warm and cozy.

If an overall piece is too much for you, why not try a fur collar to add to your coat, or add a faux fur wrap scarf to your wardrobe to pair with your party dresses. A fluffy cape or shrug is also a versatile choice to exude glamor and style in this festive season.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with the Hot, Fun and Funky Animal Prints

Animal prints have always played an important role in fashion. In the upcoming season, this timeless trend has evolved into something cool, wild and sexy, all at the same item. Unleash your wildness and reinvent this classic pattern to look stunning.

Why Make Animal Prints So Popular?
Animal prints are diverse and provide loads of varieties in its prints and colors. Leopard spots, zebra and tiger stripes, giraffe and snake prints are everywhere from tops, blouses, coats, pants to scarves, handbags and shoes. Their color schemes are so natural and vibrant that they look good almost on anyone. In the coming season, newer looks in bright colors are also as exciting and charming as ever. Numerous celebrities have got into the flow with animal-print pieces brought into spotlights.

Wearing animal prints is not easy as there is a fine line between fabulous and a fashion disaster. Here come some experts’ tips to handle the wild prints:

Don’t Overdo Animal Prints: don’t try too hard to mix too many elements of an outfit, aim for a balanced ensemble

Stick to One Animal Print: it’s much easier to carry animal prints if you limit the print to one item at a time, and pair the item with a solid piece. Neutrals, solid black, crisp white, chocolate brown and beige are good color schemes to compliment animal prints.

Accessorize with Animal Prints: for an initial start, play safe for a subtle look with animal patterns in smaller items and accessories, like scarves, belts, bags, hats, and heels…

Monday, October 04, 2010

Ethnic - A Fashionable Addition to Style

Ethnic has been one of the popular fashion trends in recent years with a cultural background of increasing awareness of environmental and cultural proctection since 1990's. To fashion designers, simply play with style variations cannot fulfill their needs for varieties. The popularity of ethnic simply adds more imagination to their fashion designs from tranditional Chinese Cheong Sam to Gypsy Bohemian, from Russian to Indian and Middle-Eastern. Non-Western aesthetics have provided a fertile subject matter to develop creativity. Designers such as Christian Lacroix, Dries van Noten, John Galliano, Kenzo, Vivienne Tam, Yeohlee and many others have taken these inspirations to create new design styles and mix & match different cultural elements into modern fashion designs. The inspirations are well prsented by Dries van Noten (one of the leading fashion designers for the ethnic fashion trend) who said "For me, exoticism is the elsewhere, the other, the difference. It is generally associated with distant countries. But for me, it is rather everything that reroutes us from the ordinary . . . from our habits, our certainties and from the everyday to plunge us into a world that is amazing, hospitable and warm." In fashion designs, ethnic is presented in gorgeous patterns and prints or some specific cultural fashion elements. As the world continues its globalization, it is foreseen that the ethnic fashion trend will keep going and may blossom to even greater success in the future.

As a piece of advice, when dressing in ethnic style fashion, don't forget to decorate yourself with accessories to beautify the fashion, in which way the characteristics can be highlighted and strengthened.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Trends - Fall and Winter 2010

New seasons are coming. New fashion trends are coming too. Let's take a look at the main fashion trends for this F/W 2010.

1. Fur / Faux Fur

Furs are flourished along the runway for this F/W. Fur coats, fur shawls, fur jackets or fur trousers etc. Furs can fulfill all kinds of imaginations of fashion designers. In response to the claims for animal protection, faux fur has become a commonly adopted element to replace fur. Among them is the God of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld who has turned faux fur into new chic by stating in his show at Paris Fashion Week "It's the triumph of fake fur … because fake fur changed so much and became so great now that you can hardly see a difference." His design collections for Chanel all comes with faux fur trim in various ways of presentation including the classic tweed suits of Chanel. He announced to the world of fashion that "You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic in fake fur."

2. Power of Women - Cape

In modern world, women have become more and more successful in their career. Therefore, a stronger look is welcomed by them to show the power of women. Wide shoulders, Oversized Dressing are some of these "powerful" elements revived in previous seasons. For this F/W, cape has come to life to continue this trend. Cape, poncho etc are among the collections from Emporio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Zucca etc.

3. Tribal / Ethnic Look

Whenever talking about the Tribal /Ethnic fashion trend, one must have raised her hands for Dries Van Noten. DVN have been a major force in promoting this trend each year. However, to your surprice, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano are leading this fashion trend for this F/W. From Chinese Cheong Sam to Russian Styles, from Middle Eastern to South American, different cultural elements are mixed into fashion designs to tell us "The World is Flat".

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Inspiring Outfit Ideas #1

Neutral colors are a big trend for 2010, from footwear, makeup to apparel. Anything from soft flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals is going to be on the hot list for fall. Nudes go well when combined with other colors in an outfit. They are ethereal and chic. But nude colors tend to wash out some skin tones, so mix nudes with black and darker neutral tones like brown and gray.

For paler persons, khaki, camel and beige aren’t always flattering to their skin tones. So why not try gray instead? It’s an easier color to pull off, and it works well even with vibrant brights like Fusion, Coral or Violet. Somehow it also makes office attires like button-downs and one-piece seem, seem movie star-worthy.

Embrace the lighter shade of fashion with confidence and spice up your wardrobe with some trendy neutrals this fall.

Friday, July 02, 2010

An Evergreen Clothing Accessory – A Shrug / Bolero

One excellent investment piece of clothing is a shrug. A shrug is cropped, open fronted (with long or short sleeves) and adds a unique dimension to any outfit, whether it is a tee shirt, tube top, corset, gown or any sleeveless or strappy outfits.

Shrugs are generally knitted like cardigans but can be made with cotton, silk, lace, satin, velvet, making it suitable for any seasons. Sequined versions would add extra sparkle to a boring outfit, while crochet versions offer a pretty layered look for casual day wear.

Shrugs are quite functional – they could keep off the chill while covering up bare skin and drawing attention away from problem areas, like heavy arms. Other than easy matching, shrugs are also easy to wear. One does not need to have a particular figure to wear shrugs. While covering the extra flab of the arms, they are open in the front and allow one to show off great jewelry, establishing sophisticated and polished looks.

A smart and timeless addition to any well-rounded wardrobe, a shrug presents a chic alternative to basic cardigans and jackets.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Enjoy Summer in Tunics / Kaftans / Smocks

Smock / Tunic dresses are the simplest thing to throw on for summer. Tunics are versatile, comfortable and flatter almost any figure. They can form numerous looks or outfits, and in different lengths and materials, they are fit for various seasons. Even summer tunics can easily transition into fall with a sweater / wrap.

Straight or flared, solid colors or prints, with or without embroidery and sequins, tunics are great choices for this summer. Wear your favorite ones all sorts of ways:

Over leggings: A loose, longish tunic dress looks perfect when worn over cropped or full-length leggings. Pair it with flat sandals for casual chic or high-heeled booties for more sophisticated looks.

Over skinny/slim-cut jeans: If leggings aren’t your style, try wearing your tunic dress over skinny jeans or very slim-cut boot cut jeans. Jeans are so versatile and fit for various occasions.

Over wide-leg trousers: It may be tricky. A tunic dress and wide-leg trousers can look bulky together, but when put together correctly, it works. Choose a tunic dress with an A-line or slim silhouette, then balance it with dark wide-leg trousers. The darker color makes the trousers look slimmer, and the whole look isn’t too heavy.

With a loose belt: Tying a loose belt around a tunic dress creates a whole different look. It’s casual enough for day if the belt is worn low on the tunic dress on the hips, and it works when the tunic dress is worn over leggings or jeans. For night, try tying a glitzier or dark belt around the tunic dress with high heels or high heeled booties.

Alone as a mini dress: It could be real sexy for parties. For more dramatic head turning looks, wear with high heeled low boots or high heeled sandals. Wider boat like necklines exposing the collarbone detailed with a thin scarf or choker necklace keeps the look sexy yet fresh.

Looking your best while being comfortable has never been easier this summer!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Clothing

As one of the important occasions of the year, Mother's Day is the day for us to share our love and care with one of the most important persons of our life - Mother. Have you ever think of how to dress up when joining the brunch or dinner with your mother? Nothing too sexy, low cut dress or mini skirts may not be suitable dressing for this occasion. A summer dress or tunic with sleeves may be a good choice for which the outlook will not be too exaggerated. Short sleeves are ok but more preferably with princess sleeves. Color should not be too sharp, beige or gray can be good. Ethnic patterns or some traditional embroidery can also be excellent additions. Matching up with some light makeup and a silvery necklace, your mother must be very happy in seeing her beloved childs on this special day.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Floral Chiffon in Spring

After days in heavy chunks and dark colors. It’s not without reasons that floral prints in light materials come up in every spring. With March in full swing, it’s time to refresh your wardrobes. Chiffon wear is always a key item in springs and summers. The soft, flowy, sheer and fairy looks will keep you cool and sexy, while adding flower prints will make you more feminine or girly, depending on the pattern style. Sequin embellishment and lace trimmings are just that little something more to make you more sophisticated. Chiffon wear and denim make an ideal pairing with femininity and tenderness balanced out the roughness and ease.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fashion Trends - Spring & Summer 2010

Spring & Summer starts a whole new fashion year and give us new hopes and new looks. Let's take a look at the highlights of this S&S fashion trends :

1. Less is More

This is not the revival of mannish minimalism of the 90's. More feminine cutting has been adopted to make the styles clean and fresh. Cutouts and thigh-high slits enable more fresh air for your skins.

2. See-through

It's not surprising See-through is a trend for Spring and Summer. In this S&S, more innovative materials have been adopted besides the common chiffon or lace. Prada uses crystals for dress while Anteprima uses wirebag material for miniskirt. With this see-through trend, lingerie becomes an important fashion element for mix and match.

3. Patterns

Patterns give new ideas to a simple design. To go with the Less is More, fashion designers adopt different patterns on fabric for an eye-catching effect. Besides the traditional floral prints, Duro Olowu's tribal motifs and Givenchy's digital designs and many other patterns in other brands has raised the call for this Patterns fashion trend.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feng Shui Clothing for Valentine’s Day

You might be wondering what to wear on the special day of hearts. Outfits that make you look and feel sexy? Have you ever thought of using feng shui in clothing to enhance your attractiveness?

Black is favored by many for its mysterious quality, and most important, its slimming effect. But before slipping into that little black dress, think twice! Black has long been the color of mourning and loneliness. A person always in black will exude aloof and detached energies, which in turn attract the same kind of energy (or chi) to him/ her. On the contrary, bright hues, in particular pink, fuchsia, red, lilac, lavender and purple, bring a strong vibration of energy to make you more alluring. Shades of pink help draw affection to you, while stronger colors like red, generate passion and create sensual energy for you. Wear purple to draw your soul mate! It’s a spiritual color and considered lucky. You’ll feel optimistic about love and life in purple. And if you feel that way, things are likely to be that way. Do believe in “magic”! So, check your closet and see if you have enough love-friendly colors!

p.s. Don’t forget to allow your pink rosy cheeks express warmth, gentleness and softness to people around you…