Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feng Shui Clothing for Valentine’s Day

You might be wondering what to wear on the special day of hearts. Outfits that make you look and feel sexy? Have you ever thought of using feng shui in clothing to enhance your attractiveness?

Black is favored by many for its mysterious quality, and most important, its slimming effect. But before slipping into that little black dress, think twice! Black has long been the color of mourning and loneliness. A person always in black will exude aloof and detached energies, which in turn attract the same kind of energy (or chi) to him/ her. On the contrary, bright hues, in particular pink, fuchsia, red, lilac, lavender and purple, bring a strong vibration of energy to make you more alluring. Shades of pink help draw affection to you, while stronger colors like red, generate passion and create sensual energy for you. Wear purple to draw your soul mate! It’s a spiritual color and considered lucky. You’ll feel optimistic about love and life in purple. And if you feel that way, things are likely to be that way. Do believe in “magic”! So, check your closet and see if you have enough love-friendly colors!

p.s. Don’t forget to allow your pink rosy cheeks express warmth, gentleness and softness to people around you…

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