Monday, January 10, 2011

Hooded Style, The Unique Style

Hoods are used to be incorporated into jackets and coats for comfort or protection against chills and rains. Wearing hoodie sweatshirt underneath leather jacket is something punk rockers had already been doing for ages. However, recent trends have incorporated hoods into everyday fashion from sweaters to shirts to casual blouses and even cocktail dresses.

Adding hoods to your outfits is a simple trick to jazz up your wardrobe. The hooded style gives a basic blouse that urban street wear look which enhances your uniqueness. Details like fur or lace trimmings could further express that casual chic that is loved by all, adding a spunky attitude into your character giving it a more fun and unique look. Hooded style is so versatile that it can be casual and dressy, and anyone can really look good in.