Saturday, October 01, 2005

Velvet - The Element of High Class Fashion

One of the most poplular fabric this Fall should be velvet. Velvet has been widely used for a long time by the noble class in Europe and it has been treated as one of the basic elements of high class and noble fashion. Its soft texture, elegant outlook and wide range of applications also made it the essential choice of modern fashion designers. Of course, a mix and match with other materials such as lace, silk, beads and sequins would be the trend for recent years. A well matched velvet top will surely well present the feminine and elegant character of a lady in her precious moments.
Here, we would like to provide 3 tips in maintaining velvet garments :
1. Velvet garments should be hanged in the closet instead of packed to avoid uneven surface of velvet.
2.Wash with gentle alkaline detergent by lightly pressing into the water. Drip dry and avoid direct sunlight.
3. Avoid direct iron. Using steam iron at a distance of 2~3cm will give an excellent effect.

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