Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fashion for Work

For modern ladies, much of the time is spent in the office and this is a place where they need to show their best in order to get the best out of work. Therefore, fashion for work is really an important topic in women's dressing nowadays. The way of dressing is not only affecting the image from other people's eyes but also a kind of feel up for own confidence and comfort. This year, fashion for work goes back for the classic "HLINE". The "HLINE" style is originated from the giant in fashion - Christian Dior in Fall 1954. The "HLINE" design no longer goes for the direction of emphasizing the curve of ladies' chest and bottom but replacing them with simple straight line cutting. Such change enables women to have a dressing with comfort and free them from sexy tightness. This kind of style is back in this Fall and the most favourite color should be black and white. Have a try for such dressing which may make you the center of attention in the office!

p.s. Our own design shawl is selling quite well and thanks for the ladies who have a similar fashion favourites as us. Hope you will draw every attentions in your precious occassions with our shawl.

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