Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ladies Watch Goes for More Feminine Design

"The world of watches is so huge." This is my first impression after attending an internation watch and clock trade fair. Within the fair, the latest design trend of watches have been clearly reflected. For a long time, watches have been serving the function of time indication for human daily life. In the modern world, you may find time indications everywhere such as palm, mobile phones and car etc and the need of watches should be shrinked as a result. However, people still wearing watches on their wrist. This can be a typical MBA case study. The functions of watch have gone far beyond time indications. It is a kind of decoration. It is a kind of social status. It is a kind of personal image. It is .. it is.. etc. With these expanded functions, watches still serve to be a necessity for human life. It's really amazing.
With the addition of functionalities, it can be easily observed from the fair that besides some well established brands, the majority of ladies watches adopts a more feminine design approach with crystals, colorful leather bands and mother of pearl watch faces. Exaggerated numeral marks with fancy colors also presents a trendy effect. Furthermore, dual time zone seems to be with growing needs as the world is going more and more united. A well designed watch can be a part of fashion.


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