Thursday, September 22, 2005

Russian Dressing from "Anna Karenina"?

In our blog about fashion trends in Fall 2005, we talked about "Russian Dressing" will be one of the key trend. Just read an essay from Cosmopolitan suggesting that this Russian Dressing trend may be originated from Oprah Winfrey who recommended the famous Russian novel "Anna Karenina" last year and generated an enormous impact to the western society. The book sold nearly 1 million copies in a single week. Such Russian enthusiasm may have influenced fashion designers in their 2005 design to incorporate the classic Russian elements in their lastest design. To us, it is not surprising that classic Russian styles come to the trend as we believe fashion is also a cyclic industry just like economy. Trendy elements repeat themselves after certain years. For example, after years of vivid color design, fashion designers go back to the basic black and white and maybe after some years, vivid color design will be back again. As Russia actually has a great influence in western culture and played a key role in some moments of European history, people adopted Russian fashion into the modern design would not be surprising especially the Russian styles are broadly thought to be gorgeous, elegant and high class with some royal feelings. So maybe we need to thank Anna Karenina bringing us back to the enclosure of Russian royal pieces.
By the way, do you really know what Russian styles are?

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