Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Our Own Design Fashion

These few days have been the exciting and also busy moments for us. After accumulating years of experiences in the fashion industry, we are setting up our own fashion design in the coming winter. The first design will be a faux fur shawl with two sided usage. It will be a combination of Western and Chinese design styles. The idea of setting up our own design is to further differentiate from our online competitors and build up a brand loyalty to our own products. However, design our own fashion is quite a different job from our past work. First of all, a simple market research will be much helpful. We need to find out the best selling items in the past winter and mix the ideas of latest fashion trend. After selecting the correct product and come up with a satistied design, we have to source the right materials for production. Then it should be the sample production and modification before we can mass produce our own design products. Now, we have completed most of the processes and the first product ie our CM Style Design Faux Fur Shawl is expected to come to the market in the middle of October. Hope we can catch up with the schedule and have great success from our first design products!

Remarks :
Will post the new product photo in this blog when launching. Please give us some comments on it.

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