Monday, February 27, 2006

From Brokeback Mountain to Jeans

After talking about the Spring and Summer 2006 fashion trend for several times, we would like to switch to the all time fashion - Jeans. This topic is originated from the thought of the award winning film "Brokeback Mountain" by Ang Lee with a story talking about two cowboys' life in the US. From the time being, jeans has been the major dressing style with the feature of custom fit and durability which was especially suitable for wild life. Jeans has become a symbol of cowboys with the character of freedom and wildness. However, jeans nowadays has evolved into a new style of fashion with a variety of design styles such as flare cut and straight cut in fiting styles, classic fit and low-rise in dressing styles and various color choices such as black, white, sky blue and navy blue etc. Apart from styles, various elements have been added to jeans design to make them more dressable for women such as nice looking embroideries and beads. With such modifications, jeans has become a major fashion selections for ladies with good body shapes. However, one should remember that there is one major difference between jeans and other fashion which is you should admire jeans from behind instead of from the front as the major attraction is from behind, right? This is why most of the jeans designers put their major designs at the back of the jeans.

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