Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fashion Power from the Southern Hemisphere - Karen Walker

Traditionally, when people talking about fashion, they will mention the fashion from Europe especially from Paris which leads the fashion trend of the world. Later, fashion from US especially New York also generates significant influence in the fashion industry. Nowadays, fashion power from the Southern Hemisphere also shines along the fashion path. In the coming blogs, we will talk about some of the execellent fashion collections from the Southern Hemisphere :

KAREN WALKER (New Zealand)

A fashion brand named by its founder and fashion designer, Karen Walker who was born in New Zealand. Karen's collections are high casual with one foot in tailoring and the other in street wear. Mix and match of different extremes and pushing them together such as masculine and feminine, tailored and the street, luxury and casual are the major characteristics of Karen Walker's collection. Her fashion was described by UK's newspaper as "The kind of look that provided a means of appearing cool but not trying-too hard, cute but not saccharine, alternative but not self consciously so. The fact that these clothes appear to be so totally not 'fashion' is what makes them so now". Right now, this label has been carried in over 100 stores all over the world. Celebritites such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Claudia Schiffer and Madonna all favour her work.

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  1. hi, do you know anything more on karen walker, i'n doing a project on her. thanks