Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fashion Trend - Autumn and Winter 2006 (Color)

Even though summer has not passed yet this year, the fashion industry has prepared the latest fashion collections for the coming autumn and winter. For this year, some trends are continuities of trends from spring and summer and some are the re-invention of all time favorites. Let's have a look at the fashion color trends first. The four favorite colors from fashion designers this year are black, grey, gold and the suprising red.

Black color is an all time favorite from fashion designers for A/W fashion collections. For this year, it is also the central color accompanied by white, gold and brick red etc to create more tones. High class materials such as crocodile leather are used for presenting the classic and elegant black color.

This grey trend is not a dull grey or simple grey but a mix and match of different greys. Different scale of greys should be presented in different layers and by different materials.

A continunity of the 80's bling bling trend of this spring and summber. The gold color designs are led by Gucci by utilizing high class fabric materials such as silk, fur and leather. All kinds of gold are welcome.

A surprising color for this A/W as the red should be a color for spring and summer. However, adding the red has added more eye catch elements for this A/W.

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