Monday, September 04, 2006

Fashion Trend - Autumn and Winter 2006 (Cape and Poncho)

Cape and poncho are always one of the hot categories in ladies's outerwear collections for fall and winter time as they are suitable for ladies regardless of their body shapes and both offer a flexible way of dressing. You should maintain certain stocks in your wardrobe such that you would not be left alone when fashion designers turn to them once again. Fashion trends always repeat themselves after certain number of years with a bit new ideas in presentation but the main theme will not be too much different. The modern design of cape and poncho were introduced to the modern ladies fashion in around 50's of last century. Around those years, fashion designers from Paris tried the new short cape design which offered a more flexible and free dressing look. Such designs were suprisingly popular that more designs have been evolved from the original idea. Nowadays, short capes were offered in various material such as fur, faux fur, acrylic etc in different colours and patterns. As an alternative design to cape, poncho offers even more varieties such as turtleneck, buttoned or sweater types and many of the designs give different ways of dressing styles for different occassions. Just use your imagination for more and better looks with your ponchos!

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