Monday, October 22, 2007

Fashion Trend - Fall and Winter 2007 (Couture Details)

In the past, couture and read-to-wear are two separate sections of fashion. Couture is commonly thought to be deluxe, fancy designs only suitable for parties and important functions. This fall, fashion designers have brought along the details of couture design into the designs of ready-to-wear fashion. Cascaded ruffles running along the front, origami-like cranes, ripples and layering etc are found in the designs of latest fashion collections. Among these famous brands, you can find Christian Dior, Lanvin, Givenchy and Gucci etc. One of the best presentations for such details is from John Galliano of Christian Dior who is really a master in presenting couture details in ready-to-wear. His designs of multi-layering tube evening dress , bias cut gown as well as knee length skirts accompanied with sequins and embroideries truly bring out the most graceful parts of ladies.

However, design is design. Not everyone is brave enough to wear clothes with couture details in common life. But why not making yourself more attractive!

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