Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What If Santa Clause Follow the Latest Fashion Trend?

Traditionally, Santa Clause will dress in his standard red and white uniform to go to everyone's house to distribute Christmas gift. In everybody's mind, the uniform represents Christmas and Santa Clause. However, if we hold a Santa Clause fashion design competition to design a new uniform for Santa Clause and let Santa Clause follow the latest fashion trend, what would be the winning uniform? Let's have an imagination to predict the outcome. From the view of fashion trend this year, the trendy color is black and the fur / faux fur is the original wild color. So it is quite natural to imagine that the red color should be changing to black and the white fur collor and trimming should be change to original wild color. A black coat with wild color fur trim? It's really trendy but shall we still call him "Santa Clause"? Will you welcome him to come into your home? I think most of the people will answer "No way...!". Why? Because the uniform is a part of Santa Clause and Santa Clause is a part of Christmas. The most important is Santa Clause is where the Christmas joy comes from!!!

PS :
The latest posting date of items from our boutique to different countries in order to receive before Christmas is as follows:

Australia : 12th December 2005
Canada : 3rd December 2005
France : 14th December 2005
United Kingdom : 13th December 2005
United States : 9th December 2005

For cut off date of other countries, please email us before purchase. Thanks!

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