Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2006

Before we talk about the fashion trends of Spring and Summer 2006, we would like to play an interesting game first. There are 5 key trends for the coming Spring and Summer and we will provide the names of key features below. If you can group them into 5 trends and give the name, you must have a great knowledge in terms of fashion.

(Hint : each trend should have 4 key features)

1. Puffy sleeves
2. Latino ruffles
3. Pure white
4. Trilby
5. Kimono
6. Braces
7. Floor sweeping
8. Empire line
9. Cotton lace & eyelets
10. Drain pipe
11. Oriental print
12. Simply wrap
13. One shoulder
14. Shirt & tie combo
15. Boyfriend jacket
16. Volumious
17. Tulip skirt
18. One-piece swimsuit
19. Obi
20. Bling Bling

See if you can do it! :P

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