Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2006 (Con't)

Here is the answer for the previous post :

Trends (Features)

Hi Dolly (Puffy sleeves, Pure white, Cotton lace & eyelets, Empire line)
Sweet Dandy (Shirt & tie combo, Boyfriend jacket, Trilby, Braces)
Couture Dance (Volumious, Latino ruffles, Tulip skirt, Floor sweeping)
Golden 80's (One shoulder, Drainpipe, One-piece swimsuit, Bling Bling)
Go Geisha (Kimono, Simply wrap, Oriental print, Obi)

If you can get all these correct, congratulations. You must be a master of fashion.

We will further explain the details of each trend at later posts. Just add the RSS Feed to your news reader to keep up with our latest posting.

Happy New Year!

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