Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sizing of Fashion Clothes

Sizing is one of the difficulties for selling fashion clothes online. As various countries adopt different sizing system for their people, it is very difficult to communicate effectively with customers in sizing. The LARGE size in asian countries may be equivalent to the MEDIUM or SMALL size in western countries. Even the sizes stated by different brands may also varies a bit due to different design and manufacturing requirements. Therefore we have developed our own measuring system by measuring the actual lengths of various parts of clothes and stated these information clearly with illustrations in our clothes listings. By comparing the measurements stated with their own well fitted clothes, customers can clearly know whether the clothes will fit them or not. This method has been proved to be effective for most of the time but there are still some discrepencies happend on and off as some of the customers may not have actually done the comparison. Therefore, a unified sizing system will be very useful and helpful for the developement of garment industry selling online. To make this happen, the governments of different countries should work more closely to tackle the trading barrier problems between countries such that people all around the world can enjoy the best design and fitted clothes in the world.


  1. Hi,

    For purchasing clothes from a "buyers point of view" I agree that having a universal system of sizing would be good as we import various ladies fashion clothes for our UK customers.

    But I cant see it happening becuase of the language barriers.


  2. Hi,

    Agree in your point. But we still need a dream to make it come true.