Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sizing of Low Rise Ladies Jeans

The popularity of low rise ladies jeans gives a good alternative to ladies who love jeans but want to be more sexy in presenting her good body shape and slim waist. However, it could be a headache to online fashion sellers. As different jeans manufacturers give their own sizing chart for low rise jeans based on the actural design of jeans, there are no common standards in the sizing of low rise jeans. Fashion designers tend to design their own low rise jeans at different waist level. Some may want them to be dressed near the bottom or some would like to be at higher waist levels. To correctly present the size of low rise jeans become a highly difficult task for online jeans sellers. In order to sell low rise jeans which we thought to be an excellent match with our selling tops, we have developed a detailed measurement chart with illustrations to present the actual measurements of the jeans on sale. Customers are suggested to compare the actual measurements presented with their own best fit low rise jeans such that they can be more clear in the idea whether the jeans will fit them or not. However, the measurements generally may vary a bit and the method still needs some common senses of the buyer to approximate the fitness. Anyway, this method has proved to be effective and we have successfully sold some beautiful low rise jeans to some ladies and they love their jeans a lot! Fantastic!

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